FoodPrime – The solution to end Africa hunger problem

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27th September, 2018
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Millions of people in Africa die of hunger annually. According to Food Aid Foundation, one out of seven (1/7) people are hungry while one out of three (1/3) food is wasted. Food is one of the critical basic needs of human, and so there is a need to bridge the gap between the-haves and the-have-not as well as control waste of foods in the Africa community. FoodPrime comes as a perfect solution to bridge this gap.

What FoodPrime Does

FoodPrime is a Mobile App that is helping communities to end hunger and prevent food waste. It has features that allow users to find and share surplus or left-over food within their neighbourhood.

It was founded in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goal II that seeks to end hunger and malnutrition.

How FoodPrime Works

  • To join FoodPrime community, download the Mobile App on
  • Google PlayStore and fill the registration form. FoodPrime account is free!
  • Add your surplus or left-over cooked and uncooked food to the App
  • Users within two kilometres of your location see and claim your offer and you arrange with a user for pick-up via private chat
  • Browse through Offers list and claim food items for yourself
  • FoodPrime’s request feature can be used to tell people around you that you are hungry
  • All offers on FoodPrime are free!

FoodPrime Team

Fatodu Wande, Chief Executive Officer
Ahmed Olawale, Chief Technical Officer
Emmanuel Olu-Flourish, Chief Technical Officer II

Where to get it

Download the application on Google Playstore at

FoodPrime Contact
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter : @foodprimeafrica