Computer Science Graduates: Drivers of the New Nigeria


Computer Science is the foundation for much of today’s innovation, and many new jobs are being created for people with skills in this field. It involves creativity, problem-solving, programming, the Internet, data, and thinking about the impact of technology in communities. You can do so many things with Computer Science skills. Computer Science graduates shouldn’t be pigeonholed but with their degree subject they should be able to walk confidently into a number of careers.

To be the prime agency and catalyst for transforming Information technology in Nigeria should always be the focus of an average Computer science graduates. It is high time they woke up to the reality. Let me intimate you on what some of the measurable objective of an average Computer Science graduates should be, which should leave them to be responsible technically and to prepare themselves for global impact.

  • Be a promoter of the growth and development of information technology profession in Nigeria
  • Carry out advocacy on the immense potentials encapsulated in the profession as it relates to national economic growth and development
  • Build his or herself as a human capital in the ICT sector in other to accelerate national growth

There are new opportunities in ICT and there are high demand for skills. This was also reflected in the roadmap of the incoming federal government administration that clearly states that they will make Information Technology, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Entertainment key drivers of our economy, by reviewing the present reward system, which is based on certification, to that based on skills, competencies, and performance .
There are also new line of business and all inclusive new software ecosystems. The digital world is not a single, homogeneous space and as a result, the literacies we require to traverse and interact in this space will vary enormously. Your biggest asset will now be what you can do and not only what you know?

As the drivers of the new Nigeria, what should then be our focus?

  • Technology lifestyle: Technology must change our lifestyle. Technology adoption must be part of our life and we must live by technology.
  • Content development: we should be creative enough in becoming a content developer for any ICT applications. We must tell our stories by ourselves. Local content should be key.
  • Breakthrough in wireless technology: wireless technologies are widely accepted and its prospect in ICT cannot be undermined. Therefore, we should leverage the opportunities the wireless technologies has brought to our application development and use this to develop more Apps that will make use of wireless technology. An emerging trend on this are internet of things iOT, , quantum computing and others.

There are also many reports that suggest that offshoring of graduate in information technology work has reduced the number of entry-level jobs. Large percentage of students want placements, work experience and internships to be a part of their university experience but less than half have had access to them, this is not a good one for Nigeria. Employments of graduate needs to be tackled at the national level. A country where opportunities are scarce for his teeming youths is risking the future of itself. Nigeria government at all levels should create numerous opportunities which will bring about re-tooling her future workforce.

University also need to create graduates who are agile and have a solid understanding of how the work place works and respond by producing graduates whose skills can fit into it. They should also take into consideration the development of student’s personal and professional development as opposed to the traditional educational life they are known for. As the enterprise get more involved with the new business of applications, computer science graduates producing institutions will need to re-examine the skills and organization structures that must be in place to support the new arrangement.

As the dot com elite and technocrats in-making, we hold the CHIP to ICT success as new Nigeria unfolds not only in Nigeria but globally. Remember that the engine of any government at all levels are the professionals. Strive to be a professional. Let us rise up to these challenges. The drivers of this change are not hard to find. It can only be me and you. I hope we will all join me in the amazing and rewarding journey as we build Nigeria of our dream through our skills, dedication, commitment and professionalism.

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Oladayo Tosin Akinwande is a graduate Student of Computer Science department from Federal university of Technology, Minna where his current research are network security, intrusion detection system and artificial immune system. Tosin also secured an enrolment into the Microsoft Student partner program making him the first Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) in Federal university of technology, Minna. Currently He co-founded a Technology start-up called TechPoix Solutions where he deploy himself as the Chief-responsible-Officer. He is also a Co-founder of Ahead Consults; a Tech-Edu and Media Company. At his free time, Tosin enjoy writing about the issue of governance and politics in Nigeria.