7 Reasons Why Every Tech Professional Should Attend Tech Meet-ups in Ibadan

Photo: Ibadan WordPress Meet-up

Tech meet-ups are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Tech professionals, tech enthusiasts, newbies and wannabes now find a common ground to get together and discuss common tech interests bringing about the needed developments using different meet-up platforms. Tech meet-ups have been one of the major drivers of tech advancements in the developed world; spurring innovations, inventions and collaborations that matter. Nigeria’s digital space has also been experiencing some notable developments as so much is happening in cities like Lagos and Abuja. Thanks to all the movers and the shakers in these cities. To foster and experience notable technological developments in Ibadan there is an urgent need to create different tech meet-up platforms and the need for tech professionals across the city to continually take part in these meet-ups not only for a collective benefit as a city but also for personal growth and career fulfillment.

While it’s not uncommon to hear tech professionals give excuses like: I’m just too busy right now, projects deadlines are around the corner. Do you expect me to leave them? What do they have to say that is new to us? It’s weekend boy! I’ve been working all week long, let’s chillax a bit. I don’t see the need or value yet, so why should I be there. Who are the Speakers? I’m quite a shy person, and so on.

Attending Tech meet-ups offer loads of fulfilling benefits especially to your career as a tech professional and also, you should not be left behind in the big thing that’s about to happen in the city of Ibadan. Here are 7 good reasons why you should attend tech meet-ups:

1. Career Fulfillment

We all want to be fulfilled! I believe no one is in the tech profession just to feel empty at the end of the day. We want to achieve tangible results and be proud of what we do and our achievements. Attending tech meet-ups points you in the right direction and keeps you motivated towards achieving your true course and being the best version of yourself. You begin to see your career beyond jobs alone; you as well start seeing your purpose and mission in it.

2. Get Fresh Ideas and Insights

This is one of the hallmarks of attending tech meet-ups; you get fresh ideas and insights from everything happening around you. Imagine a room full of tech professionals in your area of specialization, be rest assured that ideas and thoughts you have not considered will come to you which could be all you need to create a solution or solve a problem.

3. Network with Others

Meet-ups give you the opportunity to meet with others in your field, present yourself to them and make new productive connections. Large numbers of jobs are exchanged during networking and you shouldn’t be missing out. Meeting and making friends in your area of specialization can make a whole lot of difference to your career, and don’t be nervous at all when doing this, everyone love meeting new people. So enjoy the show!

4. Promote Your Brand

This is a follow up to point three above. Meet-ups provide an avenue to get your brand out there. See meet-ups as a marketing tool for your brand and a cost-effective, trackable marketing tool at that. You can do this in a couple of ways:

  • You can present your brand at the meet-up so others are aware of it.
  • If you don’t have the opportunity to make a presentation, simply share your brand when networking with others.
  • Sponsor the meet-up. This could grant you the opportunity to display your advert or banners in the meet-up environment so that people can see.

5. Get Inspired and Fired Up

Sometimes as professionals we get overwhelmed and lose track in our pursuits. This happens to everyone even the bests of us! Seeing other share from their numerous experiences, their ups and downs, failures and successes could re-ignite you and put you on the right track. I have lots of people with this testimony, how what someone shared during the meet-up made a difference in their life and career. That can be your testimony too.

6. Learn New Skills and Tools

Sometimes we are shocked when we realize that the tools, techniques and skills we think is the latest and best had become obsolete and there are new trending ways to achieve better results. The tech field is a fast growing one and so are the tools and skills needed to accomplish the different tech tasks we are involved in. Meet-ups give you the opportunity to pick up these skills, and know the best practices and tools used by other professionals. Keep this in mind: To be successful as tech professional, you need to keep yourself in the loop and tech meet-up is just the right avenue.

7. Share Your Knowledge

Let’s face it, giving back to the community is an amazing thing to do – having people listen to you as you share from your wealth of experiences brings fulfillment. You don’t need to know-it-all in your field to do this, neither do you have to be a public speaker – just contribute the little you can and who knows, that can be the game changer for a couple of people attending the meet-up, and they will thank you for it. Also sharing your knowledge in meet-ups builds your confidence for bigger stages and conferences, so leverage the opportunity.

Is there any reason to attend meet-ups you think I have omitted in this article? Kindly share with us using the comment section below. And if you have enjoyed reading this article, do help to share.