List of Tech Communities, Meet-ups and Clubs in Ibadan that will Influence Your Career


A lot is currently happening in Ibadan digital space with hosts of tech communities across the city holding workshops, trainings and meet-ups. Lots of social innovations and start-ups are springing up within the city as a result, and some of these innovations will soon have a global impact. While some of these communities boast of a large number of members, it is quite obvious that so many willing and zealous tech professionals are still not aware of these communities and/or the opportunities they offer.

Also, many times I get questions from people who are new in the tech field and are willing to be part of these communities but not sure whether they can join simply because they are new in the field. Here is what you must know, most of these communities are open to newbies as long as you are willing to learn. In fact one of the best places to climb fast on your career ladder is tech communities, you get to meet people who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise with you without collecting a dime. Check out my previous article: 7 Reasons Why Every Tech Professional Should Attend Tech Meet-ups in Ibadan, to see why being a part of a tech community is a must to every 21st century tech person. So if you are a newbie don’t panic or get intimidated, just get along.


1. Google Developer Group Ibadan

Over the years GDG Ibadan has been the hub for tech developers and a major influence within the city. GDG Ibadan is a sub group of GDGs worldwide in Ibadan. The group is a community of motivated individuals interested in Google Developer technology and the technology space as a whole. The group was created to foster sharing of knowledge in the Google technology space which include but not limited to everything from Android, Chrome, Drive, and Google Cloud platforms, to product APIs like the Cast API, Maps API, and YouTube API. You can follow GDG Ibadan on twitter or reach out to the lead using the link below.

Twitter: @gdgibadan          |           Phone: +234 818 332 2141 (Oyetola Taiwo)

2. Python Ibadan

Python Ibadan has been one of the biggest influences in the Ibadan digital space when it comes to software development. The community meet every two months at selected ICT hubs in the city to discuss everything python, organizing events and workshops. Python in short is a general purpose and high level programming language used in developing desktop and web applications. Should you be interested in using Python or want to collaborate with Python developers, Python Ibadan is open to you.

Twitter: @python_Ibadan             |             Phone: +234 803 357 4778 (Femi Oladele)

3. Forloop Ibadan

ForLoop Ibadan is a community of passionate software developers and enthusiasts in Ibadan. The community strives towards building the tech ecosystem within the city and holds its meet-ups every three months, with at least 3 meet-ups in a year. You can check out Forloop Ibadan previous meet-ups with #forloopibadan on twitter and pictures from their previous meetups here: This is a community to be for every tech expert, you can’t go wrong with Forloop Ibadan.

Twitter: @forLoopIbadan            |             Phone: +234 813 667 3932 (Biodun Chris)

4. Ibadan Tech Community Meet-up

Ibadan Tech Community started in 2016 has a solution to improve learning, foster collaboration and growth in the tech ecosystem in Ibadan and Oyo state. The status quo was that people do things in silo and there was little or no room for growth in the tech space because there was no way to attract opportunities. So in 2016 this narrative was changed as the Ibadan tech community meet-up was started. Over the last two years more than 5 physical meet-ups has been done and a lot of online meet ups. The group is a community of designers, developers, digital marketers and everyone doing anything tech related in the city of Ibadan. The community next meet-up is in October, 2018 where over 150 community members will be hosted to a round table discussion to determine the future of the ecosystem. You don’t want to miss this meet-up if you are a tech professional.

Twitter: @ibtechup           |            Phone: +234 813 840 7613 (Ridwan Rasheed)

3. Android Ibadan

Android Ibadan is a fast growing community within the city. The community constantly organizes various meet-ups and workshop to educate technocrats about everything Android. Android Ibadan is a subsidiary of Android Nigeria Community and it’s a community of android developers that leverages the support of companies and organizations to spread android technology across Ibadan. Presently, the community is holding “Summer of Code” which aims to teach, as a start, the basics of Android Programming and the Java Programming Language to people who are interested in becoming an android developer. If you have passion for Android development, I will advise you reach out to this community to have a firm grip of Android development.

Twitter: @android_ibadan            |            Phone: +234 815 550 7746 (Sodiq)

6. Machine Learning Group Ibadan

MLG Ibadan is making a great stride in Ibadan with lots of achievement in machine learning. The community is a must-be place for anyone one interested in Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence. The goal of the group is to enhance majorly the experience of her members in machine learning, and thereby increase the number of interested scholars and researchers in machine learning, help members succeed professionally in machine learning, and increase the impact of people in machine learning. Machine Learning Group, Ibadan organizes local and international conferences and workshops, one of which is the popular “AI Saturdays”. The community also holds regular trainings to further educate her members.

Twitter: @MLGroupNigeria            |           Phone: +234 803 302 7479 (Olanrewaju Ahmed)

7. Ibadan WordPress Meetup

Ibadan WordPress Meet-up is a community of WordPress designers, developers, bloggers, startups and business owners in Ibadan using WordPress has their platform of operation. The community discusses everything WordPress from blog development, to plugin usage, to best practice and common challenges. The community is open to experts and beginners and meets once every month within the city at designated tech hubs. If you want to be a wordpress professional and make the most out of wordPress, this is a community you must be.

Twitter: @IbadanWP             |            Phone: +234 703 065 8304 (John Olla)

8. PageCarton Community

PageCarton is an open source Content Management System used in developing professional websites, blogs, online stores and other web applications. The pageCarton community is made up of designers, developers, CEOs and adventurers who use and are committed to PageCarton. PageCarton is the organizer of PageCarton Website Development Boot Camp  which is an intensive training on website development, programming and digital marketing. PageCarton Boot Camp holds three times in a year – Second weekend in February, May and August, while PageCarton Conference holds third week in November. To know more about PageCarton and the PageCarton Boot camp visit PageCarton website.

Twitter: @PageCarton             |            Phone: +234 816 208 1195 (Ayoola Falola)

9. Developer Student Club, Ibadan

Developer Student Clubs is a Google Developers program for university students. The program is aimed at providing the African student community a head start on latest technologies like Mobile & Web Development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. If you are a student and need a community of like minds, DSC is wide open to you and you don’t need to be a professional developer to be a part. The group welcomes newbies and wannabes. You can learn more about Developer Student Club, Ibadan from the recent interview I had with DSC Ibadan team lead, Emmanuel Olu-Flourish

Twitter: @DSC_UI              |           Phone: +234 816 169 1655 (Emmanuel Olu-Flourish)

10. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) UI-Student Branch

IEEE UI-SB is a student body of the global institute – IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering) which stands as the world’s leading and largest professional association for the advancement of technology. The community is open to all Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related disciplines. This is a community every engineering student within the city who dream of a bright career in engineering should be. There are loads to bag from this community from exposure, to network, to more knowledge and so on.

“In IEEE UI-SB, we remind ourselves constantly that Africa is our responsibility and the perfect set of people to move her forward is ‘US'”.

Twitter: @ieeeuisb                 |              Phone: +234 806 765 5195 (Chris)

11. Women in Engineering (WIE), UI-SB

WIE, UI-SB is the student body of the global institute – IEEE Women in Engineering, from the University of Ibadan. The goal of the community is to foster and expand the interest of female students in technological advancement by empowering and encouraging the female undergraduates via organization of workshops/seminars and industrial visits to technology- related fields. WIE is also known for mentoring young students in junior and senior secondary schools to choose a career in technology and engineering, bearing in mind that the foundation of every state is the education of its youth, especially the females.

Phone: +234 813 052 1101 (Pemisin)


These are the various tech communities, meet-ups and clubs presently within the city. Let me know if there is any community you believe I have missed using the comment section below and if you have the contact details of the community lead kindly include it in your comment. Thanks