Emmanuel Olu-Flourish introduces Developer Student Clubs (DSC)


Could you tell us a little about yourself and Developer Student Clubs (DSC)?

My name is Emmanuel Olu-Flourish. I am a 400 level student of University of Ibadan studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I  am  the  Developer  Student  Clubs  Leader  for  University  of  Ibadan. The Developer Student Clubs is a Google Developers program for university students. The program is aimed at providing the African student community a head start on latest technologies like Mobile & Web Development, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The Developer Students Clubs exist in universities across India, Indonesia and Sub-Saharan Africa. It was launched in Sub-Saharan Africa earlier this year and spans across over 40 universities.

How did you come up with the idea of Developer Students club – What’s your motivation?

The Developer Student Clubs is not totally my idea. It is an initiative by Google Developers. But before the initiation of the Developer Student Clubs in Sub-Saharan Africa, equipping students with skills and technical know-how has always been my passion.

When should we be expecting the launch of DSC?

We had our launch event on the 20th July, 2018 at the Linux Professional Institute Innovation Hub. As the University of Ibadan just resumed for the second semester, activities in the club will be kicking off soon. The exact date of our next event will be publicized on all our social media platforms.

What do you plan to achieve with Developer Student Clubs?

We plan to equip students with the necessary skills to be able to impact their community. We also intend that students gain adequate experience to work on world-class projects by visiting organizations in our environs and identify local problems which we create solutions to using available technologies.

Is Developer Student Clubs limited to Students alone or do you welcome other Developers who are willing to be a part of the community?

The club is open to any student, ranging from novice developers who are just starting, to advanced developers who want to improve their skills.

To Join DSC what do interested developers need to know or do?

Interested Developers should know that they will be required to work on at least a project. Everyone interested regardless of whether you have any programming skill or not, you have to be willing to learn and be goal oriented towards achieving the implementation of impactful solutions.

So you are saying DSC has room for Newbie and Wannabe Developers?

The goal is to learn in projects, so even if you don’t have a prior knowledge on programming as long as you’re willing to learn DSC is for you. 

What should participants expect to get out of DSC community?

DSC is geared towards equipping students with technological skills while solving local business problems in their community. Participants should expect to learn as much as is required to build working solutions for businesses and also learn how to make money off it.

What challenges are you currently facing with the launch of DSC?

The school’s academic calendar is quite tight and does not encourage a lot of extra-curricular activities. So, it’s quite challenging to find committed individuals. However we would be leveraging on the people available to make possible progress.

What relationship will DSC have with other players in the tech industry?

DSC hopes to collaborate with other clubs and communities with similar focus and goals. This will enable us to collectively impact the society effectively and expose the students to advents in the tech industry.

Are you assuring us DSC will not be for a particular class of people?

Whether you’re an experienced developer or just getting started, we can point you to trainings that will help you develop high-quality apps that are both useful and marketable.

Considering your experience in tech industry, what advice do you have for emerging Developers in Ibadan?

Don’t be too relaxed with your current skill level. Always be willing to learn, unlearn, and relearn. Lastly, Think Big Start Small.

How will you describe the current state of technology and tech innovations in Ibadan and how do you think DSC can improve the tech space in the city?

Currently most tech guys would rather move to Lagos because there appears to be more opportunities there. However with the advent of DSC we would be seeking out opportunities for developers here and it is our hope that developers will see that there really is a market here and will decide to explore the tech space here.

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