Femi Oladele founder of Python Ibadan discuss all you should know about Python


Could you please introduce yourself to our audience?

I am Oladele Femi a Software Engineer & Server Administrator. I also happen to be the Organizer of the Python Ibadan Group.

How did you come about Python?

I came across Python sometime around 2014 while I was learning about ethical hacking and penetration testing.

What is Python and what can one use Python to achieve?

According to Wikipedia Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. Created by Guido van Rossum and first released in 1991. Due to its general purpose usage nature it can be used to develop applications of various types and capacities ranging from desktop application to web development to data analytics and so much more.

You are one of the major influence we have in Nigeria when it comes to Python, how has this experience been for you?

The experience is humbling knowing that I have helped a few people choose a career path in python programming and they are doing quite well in their careers.

Based on your experience as python developer, would you say the field is profitable, and will you recommend it to aspiring developers?

Python is a very productive programming language and it ease of use makes it a language of first choice for many. Recently it has found heavy usage in the field of data analytics and science which is a key area for developing business intelligence products and services hence it is really lucrative and will be for quite some time. I will 100% recommend it to beginners

How easy is Python to learn, can anyone who has little or no experience in Programming understand Python?

My belief is as long as you can speak any language especially English then you can program in python.

There are many tech experts in the city of Ibadan but your impact and influence has been very strong in the city, how do you do it?

A few things have helped me to stand out; my choice of programming language was not so common in Nigeria before now, most Nigerian developers love PHP, also I devote a lot of time to learning, teaching and mentoring and I also attend several conferences both locally and internationally.

If you are not a python programmer what other programming language would you have chosen?

Java and C# which I also use

When you are not programming or working what do you do at your leisure?

Mostly I still fiddle with my computer probably watching a movie or just checking random stuff on the internet.

Is there a professional Certification exam for Python?

As at the last time I checked I don’t believe there is any organized by python software foundation itself but there could be some organized by their partners.

To learn Python professionally in Ibadan, are there training centers around the city you can recommend?

At the moment I don’t know of any that gives quality training in python. Hence my decision to start a training institute that teaches python as part of its courses.

Can you give us a guestimate of how much a python programmer can earn annually?

The salary varies and is based on proficiency level, years of experience and also your ability to negotiate, but it should be in the range of N200,000 and above monthly in Nigeria.

Looking through your experience as a professional developer, if there are few advice you can give to programmers generally what would they be?

My advice to programmers is to keep learning and teaching others; in doing this your skills get better. My take is you don’t know something quite well until you can teach others the same in a simplified manner.

How will you describe the embracement of python by tech professionals in Ibadan?

The tech folks in Ibadan are well receptive to python most of our meet-ups are usually well attended in good numbers and most people see the future in data science and analytics which is somewhat heavily powered by Python and R.

Forging ahead as a tech professional in Nigeria is not the easiest thing at the moment, is there any advice you will want to give to tech professional concerning this?

While working as a tech Professional in Nigeria is shadowed with massive challenges but under all that there are streams of opportunities. The more the problems the more the opportunities.

What skills do you think will be very relevant for tech professionals in the fast approaching future?

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data science and analytics, cloud computing and security.

Are you open for people to reach you for their tech events and conferences as facilitator?

Yes I am.

A lot of our audience will love to follow you on Twitter, do you mind sharing your handle with us?

I can be reached via twitter: @profemzy and via email: profemzy@gmail.com