#1: Kizito Okorowu, Ibadan’s Foremost Angel Investor and Renowned Startup Advisor Speaks On New Year Resolutions Every Techie Must Make To Be Successful In 2019


The 4th industrial revolution

If there’s any resolution any techie needs to make in the coming year it’d be to have a firm grasp of the import and implication of the 4th industrial revolution as it concerns their businesses, interests, passions and hobbies.

Solving Local Problems

We’d see an upsurge in innovations that will be more locally adaptable. For example, our team at Dr Lex just unveiled an innovative product in the Lex 360 smartwatch which is solving the local need of on-the-go personal health monitoring using new age technology buoyed by the 4th industrial revolution dogma.

Techies will need to make intentional moves from being mere consumers of such innovations to being on the vanguard of making such innovations available to their local community at scale.

Data Management

Data management will also play a pivotal role at the decision making levels in certain organizations and multinationals and it can be a big break for techies who are in industry verticals that need such relevant data.

For example, our firm Hybrid Capital has had to build out an in-house data management function for the production and manufacturing niche to help manage the friction currently experienced in terms of real time production optimization techniques powered significantly by data driven demand prediction and virtually guided self-service systems.

Personal Branding

Finally, the role of personal branding cannot be overemphasized. Companies are getting increasingly comfortable with having social media influencers spear head their brand marketing and image consolidation efforts. Techies should seize such opportunities that will be increasingly ubiquitous in the coming year by growing communities of like-minded folks around their areas of passion and interests.

That said, it promises to be an interesting year ahead.