#2: Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye Of The LPI Innovation Hub Speaks On New Year Resolutions Every Techie Must Make To Be Successful In 2019


Everything is changing at once! As we start this New Year 2019 – a transition between two decades, how do we prepare adequately tech-wise?

Get Educated. Read, research and find out more.

Read after success stories in the field. Follow experts in the industry. It is paramount to find out secrets of professionals and people we want to be like in our fields. Spend quality time researching and enquiring. Read biographies. Observe what the major tech industries are focusing on and investing in. Most of the time you need to stand on the shoulders of giants to see further. Get educated and get certified with professional certifications that can help you get ahead. At the Linux Professional Institute (LPI), we promote Linux and Open Source through our vendor-neutral certification that has produced hundreds of thousands of Open Source professionals in the industry.


Pastor Olubi Johnson (2nd from left) with the LPI Nigeria Team

Pastor Olubi Johnson, the LPI Nigeria Master Affiliate  (www.lpinigeria.org) promotes this in Nigeria.

Learn to code and teach kids around you to code.

Both Open Source hardware and software are being used to break new grounds but this does not happen without some knowledge of coding. From Mobile Computing to Parallel computing, computer languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, HTML and many more are gaining more popularity by the day and are in more demand than ever before. Even old languages are being improved upon, and frameworks are being developed and advanced. It is important to note that the subjects of success stories in the computing field all started young. Did you know Bill Gates started programming at elementary school? And Steve Jobs? He was combining programming classes with design courses. Linus Torvalds? Linux was his Master’s student final project at the University of Helsinki but he started tinkering with computers when he was a kid.

You might say “But I am no longer as young!”. Hope is not lost, all you need is to have is child-like willingness to learn the fundamentals.  You can find lots of coding books, coding books for kids and foundation books at nostarch.com. Also at the LPI HUB (www.lpihub.org), we have coding classes for kids and professional curricula for both elementary and high schools.

Big Data

The world is producing uncomfortably large amounts of data by the day including everything from human genomes to images from space and generated from low-cost sensors. These enable exciting new applications to large scale computing. How do we manage, process and maximize this data for human benefit? New approaches, algorithms and methods will be needed. We must therefore learn how to build tools for sanity checking, statistics extraction, model building, transformation, comparison, loading, extraction and visualization of data.

AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Triplets or descendants of Computer Science? Whatever you may say, these are core as we prepare for the next decade.

“Whatever you are studying right now, if you are not getting up to speed on deep learning, neural networks, etc., you lose. We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate automation.” — Mark Cuban.

Traditional programming involves writing programs to transform data. Machine learning systems automatically learn programs from data: AI, Machine Learning and deep learning are becoming major elements of scientific computing application. From fusion energy to precision medicine, materials design, cosmology, High-Energy Physics, Synthetic Biology, structural engineering, intelligent sensing are all being advanced by AI, ML and Deep Learning.
You want to learn about AI and ML from experts. Among many others, this web link comes highly recommended: www.ai.google/education/

Cloud Computing – Why The Cloud Matters Right Now

Be it public, private or hybrid computing, on-demand computing and storage, access to specialized hardware: e.g., GPUs, rich collection of services, cloud native programming model, scalability, high availability, and security are all needed. My recommendation to know more about cloud computing? Check out http://cloud4scieng.org. Also read my article on BSD in the clouds. https://bsdmag.org/bsd_clouds/


Cyber security has become a major challenge. Data, cloud and physical security at the workplace and in industry cannot be over emphasized. Cyber Security policy makers and Cyber Security experts are needed to ensure protection and enhancement of secure networks

Collaborate and Contribute – It’s a Cycle

How did we get here? How do we have Linux, the world’s leading Open Source Software, now being embraced by major proprietary software companies, Google’s Android and many others? They all came from collaboration and contribution of individuals and communities.
It is time for you to do the same. Collaborate with people, join communities of like-minded individuals to contribute and build. Sometimes contributing might not be by writing codes but by building other people (see #2 above) or translating or writing simple steps to achieve this.
For example, I am a BETA-reader for BSD MAG (www.bsdmag.org), and work with the LPIhub to hold a summer and winter coding initiative (hardware and software programming) for kids called Code4us.

Have a Happy New Year.

About Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye

Olaoluwa Omokanwaiye got in to Linux and Open Source in his sophomore year at College and has been working with Linux and Open Source for the past 16 years. He works with the Linux Professional Institute Nigeria Master Affiliate (www.lpinigeria.org) promoting Linux and Open Source, advising Governments and Industry experts through their vendor neutral certification. He also sees to the day-to-day operation of the LPI Innovation Hub (www.lpihub.org). Olaoluwa is married to Eniola, a 21st century designer herself. They are blessed with two wonderful children – Grace-Lois and Nathan-Olubi.
You can follow Olaoluwa on twitter @dnachild or on LinkedIn