The Graphic Design Industry – An interview with Tokunbo Olujide founder of BenemaCreativ Solutions


There’s never been a better time to work in the creative industries; with so much demand for creative professionals it’s obvious that the graphic design industry is a profitable one for smart techies. Corporate organisations and small businesses alike now realize that money invested in good graphics and content increase their turnover and such companies do way better than their contemporaries.

Within the space of 5years we have seen an evolution in the creative industry like never before, these changes are currently dictating what and who will be relevant in the very near future. In this exclusive interview we speak with one of the best creative professionals Mr. Tokunbo Olujide, founder of BenemaCreativ Solutions, who share with us from his wealth of experience some happenings in the field. Happy reading!

Tell us about yourself?

My Name is Tokunbo Olujide, (also known as Jide Benema). I am the creative director of BenemaCreativ Solutions. I have been in designs business since 2005 but officially launched BenemaCreativ in 2010. I am a freelance Graphic Designer expert in Creative Logos, Illustrations, Stationery, Brand Designs and other Visual or Animated Visual Ads.

What lead you into graphic design business in the first place?

Well, I love art. When I was in secondary school, I did some comic drawings which attracted friends who kept encouraging me to do more whenever I stopped a story mid way. One day, I followed my father to a graphic artist who happened to be a woman, this was when he wanted to get a design done. The woman’s attitude to work amazed me, and I begged my dad to enroll me in order to get myself trained. Initially it was for fun, but things changed overtime.

So you have been in the design business for 14years or more?

Exactly! Since 2005, when I was in school studying Electrical Electronic Engineering.

Has there been time(s) you felt like you are on the wrong track and consider changing field?

Not really, I wanted to be a computer scientist, but was misled by a family member to go for Electrical Electronics Engineering. He told me we are going to cover all courses in computer science. Later, I chose my career as a graphic designer and I never regretted my decision for once.

Looking objectively at the Graphic Design business, based on your experience will you say it’s a lucrative field?

A lot of people want to present their ideas to the public in an attractive and creative manner. They pay not for a common but for creative visuals. As long as the end result is creative, then this field will be lucrative.

Tell us about some of the challenges you have faced (or are facing) over the years?

For someone to be creative you need to work hard. After sleepless nights to build myself up, some people will walk in for free or cheap jobs, promising a better exposure and network by wanting me to exchange my hard earned creativity for their selfish purpose, by disappointing them, they begin to tarnish my image. In business, there is always an exchange of benefits and I respect that.

Not many graphic design artists are smiling these days, how come you have flourished so well in the field?

I have also experienced bad times. Times like distributing 5000 flyers which no one rejected any of them but without receiving a call after two years of distribution. Hard work backed up with God’s grace plus my loyal clients, keeps me going.

The graphic design field like other tech fields is getting more saturated every day, what do you think is responsible for this?

A lot of people believe this field is an avenue to get fast money, leaving behind passion and hard work. “As long as a lot of organizations need to present their ideas visually every day, money will come in” – so they think.

When you take a look at the graphic design industry, it seems like not many so called professionals are really professionals in terms of their production, what is your take on this?

Some so called professionals kit up to get direct jobs from big companies, aiming at the fattest gain, they employ those professionals and pay them stipends. At the end of the day, the  production won’t come out as the best because they have less knowledge of the creator’s whole production idea.

To be a distinguished/successful graphic designer what are the things one need to know or do?

Create your niche/style. Know your value. Do some free jobs for your brand awareness and know that you can’t work for all at a ridiculous or no prices. This can devalue your standard. Read graphic design related books. Have mentors near or afar that will help you build your niche/style. Learn and pray everyday.

Some people out there will love to get into the graphic design field, what are the trending tools and application they need to be familiar with?

Photoshop CC 2019, Coreldraw 2019, Adobe Illustrator CC, After Effect CC, Indesign, Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

You have worked with top brands and personalities in Africa and beyond, is there a secret you can tell us is responsible for this?

Yes, I have and still working with them. Through referrals and direct contact on digital platforms.

Let’s go personal a bit, are you single or married?

I’m married, with 3 beautiful kids.

How will you describe your social life, are you an outgoing person?

Hmmmmmmmm. My social life is just 20% if I need to rate it. My job made me an introvert.

If you are not working on the computer, what do you do during your leisure periods?

I make jokes with indoor friends, play creative electronic games. I love fast forwarding creative movies, not to watch the details but concerned about creative parts.

Let’s get back to business. There are lots of struggling graphic designers out there, what do you think they are doing wrong?

To me, no one struggles. Commitment, dedication and persistence will make you better. If you give out the best, the best will look for you.

Is there a good online community for Graphic Designers, one you would like to recommend?

All free platforms doesn’t have a full tutorial. I will advise people to go download Udemy app. Pay less than 4k and learn to build yourself in all aspect.

We advocate for mentorship as a company, would you be willing to mentor people in your free time, and how can they reach you if interested?

Yes I will. You can always reach me @BenemaCreativ on IG, Facebook, Twitter even my Whatsapp.

Do you have a question you will like to ask Mr. Tokunbo Olujide? Use the comment section below and he will personally respond to all your questions