How to Create a YouTube Channel


Are you thinking of taking your businesses to YouTube? It is a smart decision, given that YouTube is the second most used search engine with over 1 billion users logging in per month, but it may be hard than uploading a video on Instagram. Not to worry, This write up will help you to create your first YouTube channel. Let’s get down to business.

Step 1

Sign in to your YouTube account using your Gmail.

Step 2

Click on your account profile picture on the upper right corner of the page to go to my account

Step 3

Click on My channel

Step 4

Add your company’s name and click on create channel

Step 5

Fill in the about section. This is where you tell your would be subscribers everything about your brand and company and what viewers should expect to see on your channel.

Step 6

Create YouTube channel art; Upload the YouTube channel art for your channel. YouTube channel art is the large banner with the channel’s name. The cover photo must be attractive. When uploading the YouTube channel art, YouTube recommends that you use a picture with 2560 x 1440 pixels and with a maximum size of 4MB.

Step 7

Create your channel trailer. Channel trailer is a short and interesting video about your channel, it summarizes everything your channel is all about and what kind of videos your viewers should be expecting.

Step 8

Under the “Activities you’ll share on your channel” heading, you will see four options, check the checkbox that is connected with each activity you want people who visit your YouTube channel to be able to do.

That is it, your YouTube channel has been created and ready to use. The next step is uploading your first video. You can read the post here.