How to make Your Website Show and Rank High on Search Engines?


Are you worried about your website not showing on search engines or not ranking high enough as you wish?  It is no longer an option but necessity for your website not only to show on search engines but to rank high enough on them for people to know your brand. This article shows you why and how your website can show up and rank high on various search engines.

First thing first:

  1. When your website is not showing on search engines the first thing to do is check if your website is indexed on the search engine in the first place. To do so, on Google you can type in the search box “ screenshot below)
  2. If your website is built on WordPress or other platform be sure you have not blocked search engine out from crawling your website

Why Your site don’t show or rank much and how you can fix it

  1. Your website is not indexed:

    When your website is not indexed, as mentioned earlier make sure you are not blocking out search engines from crawling your website. Also, your website may not be showing or ranking high if your website is new. It takes approximately four weeks for websites to start featuring properly on search engines. So give it some time!The best approach so far to make your website get indexed is to submit your website sitemap to various popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) using their webmaster tools. To submit to Google, create or login to your Google Webmaster Account (You can use your current Gmail account to do this if you have one), generate a sitemap (an XML file) for your website (there are lots of sitemap generator tools and plugins available free of charge online, just find one that is suitable for you.) and upload it for the selected search engine.

  2. The keyword market is oversaturated or very competitive:

    If your website is a competitive one, showing on search engine becomes a bit more difficult simply because the keyword market will already be oversaturated and highly competitive. Search results are often based on keywords and knowing the ones that really work and drive result is a key factor to ranking high on search engine. While this is not an easy task, be rest assured that the result at the end will worth its weight as it will send endless stream of free traffic to your website on a regular basis. When you find yourself in an oversaturated market below are some of the things you can do to rank higher:
    – Improve and perfect your on-page SEO
    – Research keywords from your existing high ranking competitors
    – Improve the quality of your content
    – Leverage Advertisement
    – Improve your inbound and outbound linksAllow me to suggest you use Google’s free Keyword Planner ( to figure this out

  3. Your website isn’t optimized or properly optimized

    Website Crawlers or Spiders don’t view your website like visitors do. Imagine a Crawler as a bot programmed to check specific features on your website; these features are basically your meta description, keywords, relevant contents etc. If these things are lacking on your site or not properly structured, your chances of being seen or ranked high on search engines is already marred.

  4. Your website has been removed from Search engines

    Search engines sometimes remove websites temporarily or permanently when they believe such sites are violating their terms, or they feel obliged to do so by law. So if your website is not showing on search results especially when it had shown before, you may want to check with the search engines to confirm if your website has not been removed.