Setting up Google AdWords Campaign: A Step by Step Guide


The primary reason for creating and spending on Ads is to sell your products or services to your target audience or potential customers. Selling or creating awareness to your target audience mean you are reaching them in the first place, many companies today spend lots of money on adverts with no significant result to show for it. When it comes to reaching the right audience for your products or services, think Google Adwords. Google Adwords allows you to reach your target audience very easily displaying your Ad to people searching for the keywords related to your products or services. So if you are considering spending on Ads that gives you result, Google Adwords is your best choice. In this article, I will show you step by step how to set up your Google AdWords campaign.

Step 1: Start your Campaign

To begin your campaign go to, locate the “Get started now” click on it and sign up for AdWords account. When you are done with the registration, locate the “Create your first campaign” button and click on it.

Step 2: Set your Campaign Type and Name

Once you are on the “Create your first campaign” page, choose your campaign type. It is advisable as a beginner to choose the “Search Network only” option, then give your campaign your name, uncheck the button next to “Include search partners” you  can check the button later.

Step 3: Choose the Geographic Area where you want to Ad to Show

Google AdWords give you the option to display your Ad to Nigeria or you can decide to show it to people in Ibadan only. You can also use longitude and latitude coordinates or a set number of miles or kilometers within a particular area. Locate “Let me Choose” and then search for the suitable area for your campaign. When you find the area for your campaign choose it.

Step 4: Select your “bid strategy” and Set your Daily Budget

Locate “bid strategy” and change the default strategy to “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks.” This option gives more control over the bid strategy. You can decide to the other automatic options later. This option also makes it possible for you to be on the first page

Daily budget is the highest amount that Google will charge you per day. Set your daily budget to the amount you can afford. Do not set the budget to the amount that will affect you in case the ads failed.

Step 5: Write your Ad Extensions

Ad extensions add more insight to your ad than the normal headings and sub headings. It allows you to add extra link, product review and call to actions. There are different types of Ad extensions, like callouts, reviews, sitelinks.

When you are done click on “save and continue.”

Step 6: Create your Ad

This where you write the ad copy for your ad. There are three important elements in this step:

Headline: The headline has up to 25 characters, you can use some of your keywords here because people tends to click on a page that contains the keyword they search for

Two lines for body: These two lines have up to 35 characters. These lines are where the benefit and the feature of your product or website go.

A link you direct people to know more about your product or article. It can be your landing page or your blog.

Step 7: Insert your Keywords into the Keyword Field

This where you use your researched keywords, it is advisable to use just a few keywords as a beginner. You can add more later.

Step 8: Determine your Default Bid:

Your bidding strategy should be based on campaign goal i.e. if you want send traffic you should spend on keywords with low cost keywords, this way your ad will be display to as many people as you want. This will increase the rate at which people will visit your website.

NOTE: Adwords have a price for each keyword. The price of keyword is determined by how many users are using the keyword to search on Google.

Step 9: Enter your Payment Information:

To complete your Ad campaign, you need to provide AdWords with information on how they will charge you for the Ad you are about to start. Once, you add you billing information your ad will start showing.

P.S.: Make sure you go through your ad campaign before you submit your ad, go through your keywords also.